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Introducing the Industry’s Highest Performing Sector Antennas | Mimosa's N5-45x 2 and N5-45x4

The Mimosa N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 are 5 GHz, 45-degree sector antennas for multipoint tower applications have the industry’s highest front-to-back ratio (43 dB), delivering 2x spectrum reuse, world-class noise-rejection, long-distance performance, and extended frequency operation from 4.9-6.4 GHz. They outperform traditional sectors that suffer from interference caused by unmanaged side lobes and poor front-to-back ratios. They outperform horn antennas which are typically very low gain and short distance. The N5-45 antennas are the industry’s highest performing sector antennas for any 2x2 MIMO radio, and the best 4x4 beamforming sector antenna solution for the Mimosa A5c connectorized radio.

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